Charter for the use of the discussion platform Association de Jumelage de Pornic

The discussion platform DISCORD®, server «Association de Jumelages de Pornic» aims to allow members of the AJP (Association de Jumelage de Pornic) to communicate with each other or, if they so wish, with members of the twinning associations of Linz am Rhein, Scalby & Newby, Baiona and Omegna .

This platform uses the DISCORD® software often used for distance learning,.The AJP owns a server or discussion platform.
This charter aims to detail the conditions of use of the platform. Simple explanations are also included to facilitate its use.

Registration Requirements:

Only members who are up to date with their AJP membership fees can register for this forum.
The “language students” chat rooms are reserved for those members who have registered for the current language workshops and for the language tutors who wish to maintain a link with their students..
The languages that can be used are:

  • French
  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Conditions of use of the discussion platform


We remind you that the author of a message is responsible for the statements he posts. In the event of a serious breach of the charter or of the laws and regulations in force in France, the latter will risk the deletion of his messages, his account, as well as be liable to the related civil or criminal penalties.
The AJP cannot be held responsible for the actions of certain members on the discussion platform. If you come across unsuitable messages, you can notify us via the contact form on our website
By using the DISCORD® “Jumelages de Pornic ” server, you authorize the administrators and moderators to delete or lock any message for any reason, mentioned in this charter, without prior notice.

Unauthorized content

• Pornographic and child pornography messages.
• Messages that promote racism, xenophobia, revisionism, that condone war crimes, discriminate or incite hatred against a person or a group of people because of their background, ethnicity, beliefs or way of life.

• Messages that are insulting, violent, threatening, offensive or humiliating.
• Defamatory messages
• Messages that do not respect copyright, image protection and privacy rights
• Messages with malicious intent such as spam, Trojan horses, or that lead to an unpleasant atmosphere..
• Messages of an unsolicited nature whether commercial or otherwise, and which may result in the deletion of the account.
• And more generally, all messages contrary to the laws in force in France.

Good practices

To ensure that the discussion platform « Association de jumelage de Pornic » remains a pleasant place to visit, please follow the good practices below:
• Avoid  text language
You are on a discussion platform, you are not limited in number of characters. Try to formulate your communications in French, German, English, Spanish, Italian simply and correctly so that as many people as possible may understand them.
• Stay calm
During a discussion, try not to get too carried away, try not to criticize the arguments, and do not be aggressive to the person concerned. Be constructive. In case of provocation, the user’s account may be deleted. Always respect other members if you want to be respected in return.
• Personal information
Except for your profile information, never give out any information that could cause you prejudice (CB numbers, passport numbers, etc.). If  this information is disclosed without your consent, you are have the right to request immediate deletion of the message.

Thank you for respecting this charter.
We hope that this forum will encourage members to continue to exchange with our European friends, particularly during this difficult time.)

How does DISCORD work ?

DISCORD operates by private groups, called <servers>. Anyone can create a server, and invite friends to join by sending them a link. In order to facilitate discussions, the servers can be sub-divided into chat rooms. For example, our server DISCORD Association de Jumelage de Pornic, dedicated to AJP members who wish to exchange between themselves or with  friends from the twin-towns, offers/makes available chat rooms open to exchanges with the Germans,English, Spanish or Italians, or other topics of discussion (tea-rooms). The chat rooms can be text-based, vocal  or video.

Discover the interface

If the functioning of Discord seems complex at first, its interface divided into four columns, is relatively simple to master.

  • The left-hand column provides access to the server Discord’s home page for the AJP, but also enables switching from one server to another.
  • The second column manages predominantly the text-based and vocal chat rooms of the server.
  • The central window displays the content of the conversations.
  • And  finally, the far right column shows the presence of members that are connected to our discussion platform.